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The inaugural issue of Open House is here. Featuring Tom Trudgeon, Tessa Micaela, Madison Davis, Tyrone Williams, Jesús Castillo, Kate Robinson, Ivy Johnson, Christy Davids, Sarah Merkle, James Meetze, Jacqueline Winter Thomas, Elizabeth Baber, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Joseph Massey PDF

“Our books are spells for unraveling capitalism” : An Interview w/ Timeless, Infinite Light

On January 5th, 2015, Emji Spero and Joel Gregory, editors of Timeless, Infinite Light, sat down with Ivy Johnson at Pretty Lady, a diner in West Oakland, to discuss their small press art cult. This was their conversation. Ivy Johnson: Hi, Timeless, Infinite Light. Emji Spero:  Hi, Ivy. Joel Gregory:  Hi, Ivy IJ: Thanks for sitting […]