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“Called into a poetic body” : A Review of Sara Larsen’s ALL REVOLUTIONS WILL BE FABULOUS

by Cosmo Spinosa The state of poetry today necessitates that most poets must engage in labor that in no way coincides with their identities as poets. With the rise of MFA programs, small presses, and poetry venues outside of the university, poets who work inside of the university are few and far between, their positions […]


The second issue of Open House is here. Featuring Corina Copp, Joel Gregory, Rex Leonowicz, Paul Ebenkamp, Cosmo Spinosa, Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Finn Menzies, Angel Dominguez, Housten Donham, Nico Peck, and Brynne Rebele-Henry Download the full PDF issue here

“This is the symbol of all of the things that we are always carrying around.” : An Interview w/ The Third Thing

The Third Thing is a performative poetics collaboration between Bay Area poets Ivy Johnson and Kate Robinson. They deploy still and moving images, live performance and poetry to create multimedia collages in the service of an ecstatic feminist agenda. Cosmo Spinosa: Before we talk about the performance that I attended, I wanted to discuss The […]

“How the whole world crashes into a silence” : An Interview w/ Joseph Massey

Cosmo Spinosa: To me, there is a subtextual exploration of human effects on the environment that runs as a theme throughout your work. These seem like thoughtful and pointed juxtapositions, and not simply an arrangement of “things.” They seem like decisions informed by environmental issues, and in some sense, they seem political to me. As you […]


Kate Robinson is a poet and intermedia book artist living in Oakland, CA where she co-curates the Manifest Reading and Workshop Series and creates artists’ books as Manifest Press. Kate is the 2014 Mills College Book Art Teaching Fellow, and has taught workshops at The Evergreen State College, Mills College, California College of the Arts, […]