by Ivy Johnson 71% of them are just fat women who don’t want to get up off their ass. Sorry if you don’t like the facts. Are you sure you want to call it rape? You were really drunk. Drug Approved. Is Disease real? They’re just nasty, fat women who want to collect disability checks. […]

by Madison Davis Brittany Billmeyer-Finn recently wrote and directed the meshes: an iteration in 2 acts, an experimental stage performance inspired by the work of filmmaker Maya Deren. Billmeyer-Finn received a 12-week performance residency at SAFEhouseARTS SF where the piece was performed in early April 2015.   I was lucky enough to be cast in the performance […]

The Third Thing is a performative poetics collaboration between Bay Area poets Ivy Johnson and Kate Robinson. They deploy still and moving images, live performance and poetry to create multimedia collages in the service of an ecstatic feminist agenda. Cosmo Spinosa: Before we talk about the performance that I attended, I wanted to discuss The […]

Cosmo Spinosa: To me, there is a subtextual exploration of human effects on the environment that runs as a theme throughout your work. These seem like thoughtful and pointed juxtapositions, and not simply an arrangement of “things.” They seem like decisions informed by environmental issues, and in some sense, they seem political to me. As you […]

The inaugural issue of Open House is here. Featuring Tom Trudgeon, Tessa Micaela, Madison Davis, Tyrone Williams, Jesús Castillo, Kate Robinson, Ivy Johnson, Christy Davids, Sarah Merkle, James Meetze, Jacqueline Winter Thomas, Elizabeth Baber, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Joseph Massey PDF

On January 5th, 2015, Emji Spero and Joel Gregory, editors of Timeless, Infinite Light, sat down with Ivy Johnson at Pretty Lady, a diner in West Oakland, to discuss their small press art cult. This was their conversation. Ivy Johnson: Hi, Timeless, Infinite Light. Emji Spero:  Hi, Ivy. Joel Gregory:  Hi, Ivy IJ: Thanks for sitting […]

Josef Kaplan is the author of All Nightmare: Introductions, 2011-2012 (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014), Kill List (Cars Are Real, 2013), and Democracy Is Not for the People (Truck Books, 2012). A new book-length poem, Shoot Kids in the Head, is due out from Wonder in fall of 2015. Housten Donham is co-editor of Open House. Housten Donham: I think that I’m just going […]

Kate Robinson is a poet and intermedia book artist living in Oakland, CA where she co-curates the Manifest Reading and Workshop Series and creates artists’ books as Manifest Press. Kate is the 2014 Mills College Book Art Teaching Fellow, and has taught workshops at The Evergreen State College, Mills College, California College of the Arts, […]

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